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Ok, so I have love for many things & I'll post pictures of a few below.

I hope you're entertained by these pictures.

This boy.<3<3

  I made his hair rather gorgeous.

  : ) <3

My cat Spot.<3

  I think you can see why I named him Spot.<3


  Haha, my mom's bathing suit from the early nineties.  Silly picture.

My little brother.<3

  He's a cute one.  No touch ladies, he's Amanda's.<3 (he looks retarded)

Converse shoes.<3

  The three middle pairs are mine & the outside pairs on either side are Daniel's.

This girl here, the hot one.<3

  I love Amanda, she's gorgeous & you should all think so.<3<3<3

This girl too.<3

  I love Sharon.<3<3


I love many more things such as music & stars.

I just didn't feel like posting the pictures.

I hope there aren't too many, but that's ok if there is because then I did extra to be active.

Ohh yeah.

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